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Triple J donates funds to Bake Their Day from 2023 Color Run Event.

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Bank of Guam Donates $5000

to Bake Their Day
Giving Tuesday 2023

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Donation to Bake Their Day from Bank of Guam with a matching of $500 from Gourmet Guam!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022, we were gifted $2500 from the

Bank of Guam, $1500 in cash and $1000 in credit to be used at Gourmet Guam, which was matched with a $500 donation from Gourmet Guam!

In addition, the Bank of Guam gave us boards, boxes, and other supplies to help us keep baking smiles!


Our First Dontation

was from a teen to help the youth on Guam!

Giani Angelene Bordallo Santos gifted 10% of her 16th birthday money. Parents pictured Jared Santos, and Felica Bordallo Santos. Also in picture, Kim Fegurgur- Vice Chair of Board, and

Deane Jessee-Jones, Chair

Donate Now

Your donation via PayPal helps us continue to gift cakes to those in need in our community. 

We are a 501 3c registered Non-profit.

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